Nurture youth to replace Undertaker

Nurture youth to replace Undertaker
Veteran female boxer, Conjestina Achieng (courtesy

The unexpected retirement of The Undertaker got many by surprise. The icon has graced our TV screens for 27 years as an enduring World Wrestling Entertainment star.

Most of us associate our childhood memories with it. This was clearly evident as his retirement was trending on twitter.

This excitement got me thinking about our own distinguished sports personalities. Veteran female boxer, Conjestina Achieng, for instance, had to quit wrestling after suffering brain damage and thereafter could not afford medication leading to the downfall of her career.

 Athletes in other countries are highly regarded and even after retirement, have enough money to keep them going.

 How I wish the excitement seen in the undertaker’s retirement, on social media, as many wished that his exit was not real would be the same seen on our young talents, urging and nurturing them to get into the ring and replace our hero.

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