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Truth be told, nearly all governors have failed us
By Patrick Posta | Updated Apr 09, 2017 at 07:55 EAT

As campaign continues to gather momentum, the electorate should look into the track record of all current governors. Some have been linked to massive plunder of public resources among other integrity issues. They have given devolution a false start.

For leaders elected on goodwill to loot from the very people is betrayal and burden of trust bestowed on them democratically. Truth be told, there is a looting spree deep down our devolved units. We are losing the war on corruption because we seem to glorify rot.

An audit to unearth major scandals orchestrated under their watch should be constituted and looted resources reverted to State. What are the sources of revenues for counties?

They levy tariffs on businesses and property other than the money received from the exchequer. Can they account for the international revenue they generate? Elections provide a new front to weed out rudderless under performers, those we can audit and point at their loot. Patrick Posta, Migori

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