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Bahati the gospel artist opens up about his son
By Paul Baraza | Updated Mar 20, 2017 at 15:16 EAT

Bahati has finally opened up about his son and his role as a father in seeing to it that he brings up a responsible young man who is ready to face life as a man and become all the best he can be. ​According to him, his son Morgan needs to draw some lessons from him so that they can serve as an encouragement which will help him in coming face to face with the harsh reality of life and overcome them.

 To him, her son should always trust in God and always put on a smiling face and everything will fall into place.Bahati said that the God that he is introducing his son to Has made him achieve what he has achieved as a dad and an artist.Talking about how he has made it possible to raise his adopted children he said it was just through grace from God and nothing else“My God!!! Looking at this life how have we made it this far??? Only God know how He made a way,” said Bahati.He advised his son to take his studies seriously saying that through education he is able to achieve great things in life.Lastly, Bahati said that being a dad is not necessarily achieved by blood but rather by accepting to take up a responsibility of raising someone in all spheres of life.“Being a Dad is not achieved by Blood- It's a God Given Spirit of Patience, Sacrifice, Unconditional Love & Forgiveness,” said Bahati.

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