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Business daily unveils new look and outline after a decade in circulation
By Joseph Sosi | Updated Mar 20, 2017 at 12:46 EAT

Nation Media Group's daily business publication Business Daily has unveiled a new face and outline as they celebrate its ten years of business journalism. ​The daily was established in 2007 and was first in circulation on March 7 during that year. It is the first time over a decade that the newspaper has changed its outlook while the sister paper Daily Nation has changed three times over the same period.

Business Daily managing editor Mr. Ochieng Rapuro said they will be seeking to diversify its content to county and local business news with an additional two pages set aside for counties. "Wei will be getting down deep to the counties and diversify the content to help the newspaper sell itself as a good publication, it should market itself through the content it carries, " said Mr. Rapuro. The paper has not changed its colour but has also developed a new website for online access which the managing editor says will help its audience access data and the online publication in a more interactive manner. He said that having maintained the look for a decade leaves them confident that the new look will give readers a better pack without affecting circulation.

Business Daily had in recent days played a key role in covering and unraveling corruption matters and key scandals including the health scandal.

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