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Campus Vibe
A welcome note to lectures
By KEVIN OJIAMBO | Updated Mar 14, 2017 at 08:35 EAT
Hey there lecturers, welcome back and “we really missed you.” You are and will always be our ‘baba’ apart from the other ‘baba’ that we Kenyans distinguish. ​So ‘baba,’ while you were away, a lot really happened and when I say “a lot” please put me in appraisals.It’s a welcome back note to show you how we accomplished to survive without your manifestation.So I won’t let anger govern me to the damages that you’ve caused to us students but seriously, why January? Anyway, I said no anger; after all, it was compensated by LOVE in February.To instigate, I send my apologies through the class representative as some of us won’t be attending the first-week lectures since we will be trying to hustle for the semester’s upkeep money. Please don’t think about the helb money because we squandered all the money by betting and to our premature wannabes lovers in order to get laid.Lately, “tembea ujue Kenya” and “hustle hard, play hard” has been the students’ captions on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook not to forget WhatsApp status but with your abrupt comeback, everything has seemed to change as some say they had already travelled to ‘ushago’ and do not have fare.Oh! I know remember, just before you went on strike, you left us with plenty of assignments but some of us cannot give a clear reason why we forgot about it and remember now. Kindly allow us only for this one to plagiarize, we promise that it won’t be a complete plagiarism for we will change names and registration numbers then we will be even for the precious time you also have “wasted” for us.This one is an important part, please don’t skip reading for it’s of a great help as you resume to work, while you were away we got divided into three categories just like those Dettol mothers. The Godly ones who utilized each day to serve the church and now that you are back it means that they will be missed.The drug ones who promoted peddlers which mean that they will now have to promote the school canteens and pavilions at large and finally the ‘no direction’ ones who just used to exist because they had to and would stay indoors watch a movie, eat, sleep etcWe wanted to find something to push time forward that seemed to be moving very slow. I think our blood isn’t completely red anymore and with that, be ready to lecture students different from the ones you knew!Finally, the good news is that we are happy to see you back because we know we will be able now to complete school on time plus also have the chance to see that boy/girl that we missed and only got to see him/her during school lectures.Welcome back, we are have already buckled our seat belt set to endure with the journey and I hope this time traffic police won’t halt us on the highway until we arrive at our terminus safely.

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