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Young professionals mentor students in Othaya
By Iregi Mwenja | Updated Feb 24, 2017 at 09:23 EAT
The 10th Annual Mathematics Contest held at Karima Boys High school in Othaya last weekend turned into a mentorship event when young professional traveled from Nairobi to mentor the students. ​The group of professionals led by BeFEDO Founder and event organizer Nyingi Wamiti attended the event as part of a series of mentorship program for students in Nyeri County.The fourteen volunteer mentors came from diverse backgrounds including a mechanical engineering (BeFEDO), a psychology (Psychiatric Disability Organization), actuarial science, pharmacy, human resource management, IT and business management. They held both group and one-on-one mentorship sessions with the students. BeFEDO is an NGO that seeks to empower and develop the youth through education. The Organization has visited 10 Counties and mentored thousands of youth.Other organizations involved include Psychiatric Disability Organization and Smile of the Mind, two organizations that work towards improved psychological and emotional well-being of young people in Nakuru and Nairobi County. After the event, the students thanked the mentors and asked them to regularly hold such events in their schools as they found the event useful in helping them define their future personal and careers goals.

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