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MPs plan to have Cabinet picked from among themselves selfish
By Lucy Njogu | Updated Feb 20, 2017 at 16:07 EAT

The proposal that Cabinet Secretaries be appointed from among existing lawmakers will with no doubt drag Kenya back to the old days, when one could serve as an MP and thereafter as a minister.

Of course this state of affairs encouraged unemployment and non-development. Here is why: in the case where a Member of Parliament is incompetent, then the same will be reflected in the ministry he will move to, if this proposal passes.

An MP whose salary is close to a million shillings excluding allowances, should not be given a chance to earn more; while other qualified candidates who can do an equally or even better job, remain jobless.

Some of these members have failed to deliver, more so in their role of tabling their constituents‘ needs in Parliament. In the contrary, they have used their positions to pass laws that only favour them.

A Cabinet Secretary should in no way be involved in politics in order to uphold equity and ensure no Kenyan is sidelined when it comes to development. This plan by MPs only adds evidence that they are selfish and have a case of misplaced priorities on their side.

Lucy Njogu,


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