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Former Tinderet MP, Henry Kiprono Kosgey shocks many after making a drastic change politically
By john kipchirchir | Updated Jan 12, 2017 at 08:54 EAT
A veteran politician who was a former ODM chairman and a longtime serving member of parliament for Tinderet constituency Honorable Henry Kiprono Kosgey has once again thrown himself back into the political limelight after having taken a sabbatical to deal with the challenges he was facing at the International Criminal Court. ​The politician who many have termed as a skillful schemer who has a vast political clout is now eyeing the Nandi county gubernatorial seat. This he disclosed during the burial of Hon. Mark Too that took place earlier this week. In what was seen as a surprise move by many, the vibrant politician decided to break the ice when he was given the chance to address the hundreds of mourners who had attended the burial. Honorable Kosgey eulogized the late Honorable Mark Too as a vibrant politician who managed to bring together leaders across the board. He reminded the people of the need for the Kalenjin people to remain united under Jubilee party if they were to realize any tangible progress in 2017 and eventually 2022 when the current Deputy President William Ruto is expected to vie for the top seat.He emphasized the importance of supporting the current regime and his intention to support the current jubilee government and that he would be supporting the deputy president on his quest for the top seat come 2022.When the president finally spoke, he tasked Honorable Henry Kosgey, Mr. Nicholas Biwott, Businessman Kibor among other Kalenjin elders with the responsibility of uniting the Kalenjin and rallying them behind the Jubilee administration.His entry into the race has sent shock waves among the political class and the residents of Nandi county with political observers noting that the already crowded race for the top seat will be a hotly contested seat. His experiences in politics being a senior politician in the region might be seen as an added advantage on his side. However, it is for the residents to decide who should lead them.

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