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Why is CORD silent on doctors' strike?
By Ureporter | Updated Jan 12, 2017 at 08:17 EAT

I’m a Kenyan living in the diaspora, specifically the US. I have followed the doctors’ strike since it began and have marvelled at the silence of the Opposition and the common man as the mwananchi continues to suffer. Why is the Opposition silent on this very important issue?

Why are they not organising mass action to support the doctors’ strike? Kenyans now have to go to private hospitals and pay for services they should be getting from the public facilities.

Is it a coincidence that President Kenyatta is visiting India at this time or has he gone to negotiate how to import Indian doctors and see how to adopt the Indian system of healthcare provision?

Medical tourism, which generates much money for India, is not suitable for Kenya. We remain silent even when issues that deeply affect us are unfolding.

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