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Malava Member of Parliament, Moses Malulu Injendi is set to earn a dubious distinction as the first MP in the 11th Parliament to be sent home due to party hopping.

This is being done after the registrar of political parties complied with a request from Maendeleo Development Patry(MDP), a party that sponsored him to Parliament to have him struck off from the party's register. The party in its submission argued that Malulu has been actively participating and advancing interests of Jubilee Party.

Given that politicians in this country have formed a habit of hopping from one party to another, Malulu's case will serve as a strong warning that it is not business as usual.
Championing interests of a party other than the one that sponsored you to Parliament, especially if it is the ruling party, gives rise to an obvious assumption that one has been compromised with monetary benefits.

This reputation carries with it a stigma that has seen nearly all previous defectors vanquished at the ballot.

As a country, we have a culture of not believing in values and ideals of our political parties. Political parties are seen as mere vehicles to fulfill political ambitions.

 In fact, Malulu's case typifies the mad, blind rush for tickets by politicians every election year. He joined MDP at the last minute after being trounced by Mr. Saidi Khasavuli for United Democratic Front(UDF) ticket. It can, therefore, be argued that from the onset, he never understood the ideals of MDP leave alone believing in them.

 The impending by-election spells doom for the first time MP, who with other four renegade MPs, have broken ranks with Luhya elders to have all Luhyas rally behind Musalia Mudavadi as their spokesman.