Miguna Miguna steals the show at Jeff Koinange Live

Yesterday, acclaimed talk show host Jeff Koinange played host to four Nairobi gubernatorial seat aspirants. They were Miguna Miguna, Bishop Margret Wanjiru, Philip Kisia and Esther Passaris.

According to Jeff, he had invited all aspirants to the show but only the four cared to show up. The show had to go on, and to go on it did.

Before long, it became evident that the Canadian based lawyer, Miguna Miguna was the most prepared of the four. He brought with him a manifesto as well as a ledger to substantiate any and every claim against his opponents.

He went ahead to state that he was the only one vying for the seat as he was an independent candidate which guaranteed his name at the ballot. The rest, he went ahead to say, had yet to go through their respective party nominations and were hence only aspirants.

He kept his cool throughout the interview, never interrupting when other members of the panel spoke their agendas. However, the same can’t be said of the rest who barely let Miguna drive his points home with their constant interruptions.

He had a clear vision for Nairobi; corruption free, a modern sewer system, traffic free and employment for the youths. So great was his vision that the good Bishop could not help but tell him that “this is Africa”; clearly indicating that Miguna may be trying something that is impossible.

He went ahead to defend his vision saying that other African cities such as Addis Ababa and Johannesburg were doing it.

Miguna took it a step further when he challenged Margret’s academic credentials. The latter had no idea what ‘dissertation’ was yet she boasted of ‘several degrees.’

The one hour allocated for the show proved insufficient as they all had much more to say. Nairobians have a side variety to choose from seeing that the seat has attracted over 6 candidates. However, only time will tell who the people’s choice is.