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What pregnant women should know about Viginal Candidiasis
By Gisemba Nyatwori | Updated Aug 28, 2016 at 11:48 EAT

Vaginal candidiasis or moniliasis is an infection affecting many women of reproductive age and older. The etiology of the infection is from the vaginal normal flora called candida albicans which is a good fungus in the birth canal, with the responsibility of keeping it warm and moist. But with the overgrowth of the fungus to a level more than required it becomes a disease, which causes a lot of suffering to women, ranging from vaginal discharge (milk like discharge) vulva itchiness which is very uncomfortable, awful odor and some ascending infection.

Vaginal candidosis is caused by any factors that alters the state of the birth canal environment namely; excessive use of some drugs like antibiotics and suppressant and some family planning pills. Some conditions like pregnancy and diabetes increase the amount of glucose in urine hence the overgrowth of the fungus. Hygiene like overstaying of sanitary towels, cross infection by sexual partner, auto infection by unclean fingers and others sex objects like vibrators Killing of the normal flora by either using medicated solutions or soaps and douches.

 Type of underpants especially the material the nicker is made of, pure cotton is recommended especially for people from warm areas. Although there is remedy, most of the time this problem keep recurring therefore needs to be treated properly and the prevention precautions taken into account.

Male sexual partner to be treated with topical application to avoid reinfection. Vaginal inserts (pessaries) are available to ease the discomfort. Complications like bladder infections and kidney infection, infecting newborn during birth can also lead to premature labor.

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