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This is why young men will remain desperate
By enock mukila | Updated Jul 13, 2016 at 10:17 EAT

Kenya is experiencing intolerable economic times which are unfavorable for the jobless. Ladies are sorely searching for men who can cater for their rents, pricey dressing and expensive weekend outings. The desire is high in universities where student may miss accommodation in the campus premises and hence compelled to stay off campus. Here things may not flow as you expected if your financial background is displeasing. Ladies end up either cohabiting or looking for external financial sources.

 Wander around the ever busy streets of Nairobi City with a flock of ladies and endeavor to eaves drop their discussions. I am strongly convinced that you will hear them mention the word “sponsor” innumerable time. These are the affluent elderly men who are behind the steering wheel of dating world.

 Gone are the ages when every lady had a heart to love a man wholeheartedly whether rich or living a wretched life. Apparently, everything in the love world has changed drastically and everything has gone sour. The dating world is turbulent and ladies have resulted to chasing ancient men who are capable of offsetting bills in posh hotels and taking them out on expensive dates.

You must concur with me that beauty aspect is no longer factored in; it is the power of the pocket. A guy can be highly charming and handsome, but still hustling for love because he has no coins to splurge. It is disgusting because ladies are no longer waiting for men to approach them, it is contrary nowadays. I tried to interrogate several on the same and they had the guts of telling me that it is their needs which trigger them to chase sponsors.

“It isn’t my wish to fall into traps of men who are of my father’s age. It is because I have my own needs both basic and leisure which must be fulfilled for me to feel complete”, said Janet (not her real name), a Kisii University student.

 She confessed that University life can be expensive especially if you are from family engulfed in destitution. In fact you can live from hand to mouth throughout your campus life if you fail to win the heart of a sponsor.

With the emergence of “Team Mafisi” which mostly comprises of the married stable men, the competition remains stiff. I am sorry to inform the unemployed young chaps that they will “kula kwa macho” for some time, because things have changed unfavorably in the love world. The crop of ladies we have now is not like the one we had during our mother’s age. They are after extorting money from men and not love.

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