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Is guidance and counselling the solution to the increased immorality among youths?
By enock mukila | Updated Jul 10, 2016 at 09:00 EAT

Love affairs are wreaking havoc countrywide. Cases of youths terminating lives of their sexual partners are escalating and there is an urge to extirpate the malady. Universities are the most reputable institutions of learning not only in our beloved nation but also the world and apparently they were the most affected this year.

 The most devastating news is where a class three pupil slain his classmate after she denied his sexual advances. I can’t ween that at such juvenile ages kids are well informed on how to engage in sex. I think exposure to digital content ranging from watching soap operas to movies has propagated the vice. It is disgusting because it appears like children are going to school to indulge in destructive relationships instead of embarking on studies.

We should not take such dreadful acts for granted; there is need for advising our youths to salvage them from committing more murders. Children at this age are teenagers and failure to offer guidance and counselling to them may result to more deaths. Learning institutions should commence giving guidance on sexual matters to teenagers.

They should be advised on how to control their feelings because it is crucial at this stage. This will help them to concentrate more on studies than love. Parents are greatly shocked when their students, whom they have sorely struggled to sustain them in school perish in love triangles.

Again, students should understand why they are in school and expectations of their parents from them. Parents should remain vigilant and incessantly monitor what their children are watching because they will always yearn to practice what they see in movies.

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