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Ladies dress decently, it causes no harm
By enock mukila | Updated May 17, 2016 at 15:21 EAT

Dressing defines who you are. It is quite absurd and unfortunate that innumerable young ladies, who are claiming to be “digital” have turned a deaf ear to this. After Deputy President’s last year directive that those found culpable of stripping off ladies will face the wrath of law, they have become inexorable in terms of dressing. “My dress my choice” slogan has sorely eroded the impressive dressing codes we had in late 90’s. Of late, ladies are dressing in such a suggestive manner that barely a ‘normal’ lad can pass them without casting a glance. It is quite ludicrous that innumerable ladies in varsities have turned out to be the common culprits of the aforementioned malady.

In universities, there is no agreed dressing code or uniformity to be adhered to. Students here have the guts to dress awkwardly on the claims that lecturers have no rights to question their weird dressing. Again, their beloved parents are far away in countryside and thus no one infringes on their unlimited freedom. Leave alone in universities, working class ladies are dressing clumsily as if seducing their male bosses. To add insult to injury, others attend job interviews when queerly dressed in an attempt to lobby for job favors from male interviewers.

Ladies should understand that dressing decently is very vital in all life aspects and thus they should uphold the adorable dressing modes. They should not be propelled by modernity to an extent of walking half-naked as it is the trend nowadays. Once you dress appropriately, everyone respects and desires to emulate you. I hereby beseech all ladies to improve on this because it’s very vital.

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