Two men who robbed a man Sh300 lost an appeal against a death penalty imposed on them. If someone shouted the word thief in a market, the thief will be beaten, stoned and burnt to death.

If you inquire of the crime one committed, you will be told that he had grabbed a woman's handbag.  When you ask the woman how much she was carrying, she will tell you she had only Sh200 in the handbag.

In Kenya we have heard of Goldenberg and NYS scandals. Those who steal huge sums of money are protected by lawyers and the law but no one has been jailed in Kenya because of stealing millions and billions.

Look at the recent cases of wheel barrows and gates price inflation, numerous foreign trips, NYS scandal and embezzlement of funds.

The more money a Kenyan steals the safer he or she is safe from prosecution. The other day six boys lost their lives in Nairobi through mob justice. Did they steal money like that of NYS?

A man who was once a hawker is found with millions in his account. This is Kenya and those with degrees or professors earn less than those who do not have degrees. To make matters worse, those without degrees employ those with degrees and dictate what they will earn.

It will be difficult for Kenya as a country to attain sustainable goals because those entrusted to make Kenya attain those goals are unaware of them.

Tanzania may be at per with Kenya in the next five years. Let us review our constitution so that those caught stealing one million and over should be treated like a thief who steals a handbag in a market place.