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Grace Kaindi should not be forced out of office

The decision by the High Court to allow former Deputy Inspector of General of Police Grace Kaindi to challenge her removal from office is a manifestation of a democratic society.

As a country, we embraced the new Constitution in 2010 hoping for the better. However, what is becoming evident is gender discrimination done in the favour of men.

If Kaindi has all it takes and is still suitable for the post, let her be granted the opportunity to serve Kenyans diligently. Let us not discriminate civil servants on the basis of age or any form of inequality.

We should have a system that gives fair chance to everyone. Minorities and the most vulnerable should not be denied chances based on bureaucracies that successive regimes have been creating.

As Kenyans, we should echo Martin Luther King Junior’s words that “my sons will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Let the President exercise democracy in his Government appointments so that we can enjoy the fruits of the new Constitution.

If Kaindi is still the most suited for that post, let her be allowed to serve this nation.