Nyanza leaders should transform their ideologies

The politics of Nyanza sometimes provides alot of array into poitical discussions but one thing that seems not to be observed is the repercussions of the games at play.

Yesterday, the leaders from the Nyanza region gave a wide berth to the visit by the Deputy president William Ruto who was at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology, Bondo for a thanks giving church service and unveiling of the Anglican Church Synod Plaza.

We had alot of discussions over what the Deputy president said about the misconceiption about his differences with the leader of CORD the former prime minister Raila Odinga. So when leaders abscond their primary role of ensuring that the citizens have access to the support of the government, what aspect of leadership would define the principles held by these leaders.

And i think, there is a challenge with democratic space in the area, because as the Dp said, 'Even as we do politics, we should respect one another. We should discourage politics of enmity if we are to attain a united country free of tribalism and negative ethnicity. The Government will serve all irrespective of their political affiliation'. What is the guiding principle for transformative leadership anyway?

The leaders were elected in their own individual capacity and capability and entrusted by the electorate. The electorate can therefore hold their leader accountable. The biggest hindrance to proper achievement of progressive ideals in Nyanza is the 'mass leadership' concept. We tend to reason together along one conduit which is suicidal to any meaningful development.

Dp Ruto made it very clear, that politics of enmity will not aid a nation, nor will it unite a nation. All regions of the county, Nyanza included, have an equal constitutional right to be served by the incumbent government regardless of its affilitiations, they are the citizens of Kenya. 

The leaders should not withold the development intended for the region. President Uhuru Kenyatta cannot come on the ground to serve the people, there are structures that facilitate service delivery and this is where they come into play.

Nairobi Governor received some scolding a while back, for being an elite and seeking ways of transforming the Nyanza. He conducted several harambees meant to help various interest groups but the only thanks he got was accusations that he wanted to overthrow the de facto leadership of Nyanza.

There has also been an issue going around that there are 'moles' in the ODM house. Subsequently, the party's Executive Director Magerer Langat was Secretary General Ababu Namwamba was to follow, now it's Jakoyo Midiwo.This is an obvious concept coined to evade the actual problems facing the party.

It is my guided opinion that the Nyanza leaders have the opportunity to redefine their destiny and bring meaningful engagements to the community. A leader should inspire a multitude of the people, just like doing public speaking, you intend to convince. But when a leader fails to live upto the objectives of his or her office, it erodes the very tenets of democracy.

Finally, as a voter, i expect a robust approach in choosing leaders who have ideologies that are geared towards future progress and development.