Department for International Development

  • Anti-counterfeits agency now goes digital

    2 months ago
    Efforts to stem out counterfeit products by Anti-Counterfeit Agency got a financial support worth US Dollars 1.5M towards supporting digitization.
  • Kenyan joins UN tech panel

    4 months ago
    UN Secretary-General António Guterres has appointed Nanjira Sambuli as a member of the high-level panel on digital co-operation at the global body.
  • As droughts worsen, Kenyan herders revive ancient grazing system

    2 years ago
    In 2011, Aden Boru, a Borana pastoralist in northeast Kenya, lost 12 of his 60 cows to drought. Herders in other parts of the province were unluckier still, and lost their entire herd.
  • Pharmacies bet on joint branding to lock out rogue firms

    2 years ago
    “The branding initiative aims to provide correct guide to legitimate pharmacies and help them avoid the unlicensed ones that are selling substandard drugs,” said Elo Mapelu, a senior member of KPA, who is running the new initiative.