Lovebirds: How a collabo brew love between Nadia, Arrow

Lovebirds Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy. [Instagram, @nadia_mukami]

On Saturday evening, social media was warmed up by images of singer Arrow Boy, whose real name is Ali Yusuf, finally getting down on one knee and popping that question to his pop-singer sweetheart Nadia Mukami.

The romantic moments happened at Arrow Bwoy’s Focus album launch in Nairobi on March 12.

On the clips from the event seen by The Standard the lovebirds danced together briefly while a heavily pregnant Nadia was asked to turn as a part of the dance, unaware that it was all a plan to propose.

A friend slipped Arrow Bwoy the ring and he quickly got down on his knee while Mukami’s back was turned. As soon as she realised what was going on, the Radio Love singer was overwhelmed with emotion as the crowd in attendance went wild.

During the love sprung moment, Nadia and Arrow Bwoy’s song Radio Love played.

As we look forward to seeing the young couple welcome their child and probably a wedding in the cards, here is a look at their relationship timeline.

Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy work together, release a song

In February 2019, the 25-year-old singer released the track Radio Love featuring Arrow Bwoy. This was the start of their working relationship.

Speaking about it later on while on an Instagram Live session, Arrow revealed that Nadia was the one who had reached out for him to be a part of the project.

“She called me to feature in the song. I was sick and my voice was not exactly at its best, but I had to do it for her. Her verse was ready and I laid down mine. The chemistry was crystal clear,” he said, adding that at the time, their relationship was purely professional.

Nadia denies dating Arrow Bwoy

In July 2020, the Maombi singer denied being involved with Arrow Bwoy romantically after speculation started to go round that the two were seeing each other.

“I am single and working on my business, Arrow Bwoy and I never dated. What happened was that a blogger wrote the story and we just decided to run with it, we used it to push our music,” she said in a past interview.

She added: “The next relationship has to lead to marriage, I have been telling my friends I wanna settle down wananishangaa! I don’t like games in relationships, I have never dated for fun!”

The pair spark further rumours of being an item when they shared a kiss in public.

In August 2021, the two artistes surprised fans by sharing a photo of themselves kissing on a beach.

Arrow and Nadia go on Instagram Live to confirm relationship

In the same month, the pair went on an Instagram Live session, confirming that they are an item, and firmly denied rumours of clout chasing.

“This is not about clout chasing. Most people don’t understand but I have come of age when I need to have someone I can build a future with,” Nadia said in the session.

While disclosing the news, the two revealed that they could no longer keep their relationship a secret.

Arrow Bwoy meets Nadia’s parents during a family event

In December 2021, Nadia celebrated her father as he retired from his career at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development upon reaching retirement age. She invited her beau to the event and the two sweetly matched outfits in African designs.

Mukami gushed about her lover on the post, whom she said had already joined the family.

Arrow Bwoy couldn’t hide how smitten he was over his lover following the event. “She got no idea how much I love her…Please tag her and let her know she is my full stop,” he wrote on social media.

Nadia sparks pregnancy rumours

Later that month, Nadia sparked pregnancy rumours while performing with her beau, Arrow.

She hit the stage wearing a short and baggy brown sweater- which was different from her usual sexy and sparkly on-stage style.

The couple announces pregnancy

Last week (March 8), the pair announced that they are expecting their first child, a boy.

The happy couple shared the good news while speaking during the launch of their foundation Lola and Safari.

Arrow Bwoy proposes to Nadia

During his album launch in Nairobi on March 12, Arrow Bwoy finally popped the question.