By Jelimo Chelagat

The love drama between Prezzo and Nigerian songstress Goldie took another turn with Prezzo’s Visit to Nigeria last week.

The two musicians who met at the Big Brother Africa Stargame competition had a tumulus relationship while they were in the house. However things took a nosedive with Prezzo’s open criticism of Goldie after her eviction.

It seems time out of the house changed his perspective as Prezzo embarked to Nigeria with one mission: Goldie.

“I did not come here to promote Prezzo, I came here for a mission…Goldie is why I am here,” he told press in Nigeria.

The One Campaign ambassador affirmed that his emotions for Goldie were real, and not just a game strategy. He went further to express his distress at Goldie’s refusal to pick his calls.

“My hope is that we actually get down and sit eye to eye. She was a very close person to me…It was too good to be true” he added.

When asked what message he would like to convey to Goldie, the rapper pleaded with the Nigerian community to tell Goldie to take his calls.

“Pick up your phone! Pick up your phone! Pick up your Phone!” Prezzo said.

Conceding that Goldie may be bitter about his behaviour in the house, Prezzo apologised saying that he was overly paranoid during the game.

He expressed that he would like to have a chance to get to know her outside the house. The King of Bling went further to express his fondness of the Nigerian contestant. He added that her humility and her caring nature drew him to her.

Prezzo also took the opportunity apologize to the Nigerian Public. The rapper acknowledged that his actions towards Goldie may have offended the nation, as she is a daughter of Nigeria.

“I felt like I owed Nigeria and apology, because it was brought to my attention that my actions in the house had disappointed the people of this great nation,” said Prezzo.

Despite long distance trip to Nigeria, singer Goldie gave no public response to his apology and public proposal. Though some have viewed this as an outright refusal, others think she just needs some time to cool off.

Will Goldie take Prezzo back?