Tough outing: Batian View to run as power stage during KCB M-Benki Nanyuki Rally

Haraka Mamas Joan Nesbitt and Tamara Jones in a past rally. The two return to action in Nanyuki after skipping a number of events. [PHOTO: FILE/STANDARD]

Raju Chagger, representing Rallies Commission of KMSF at a press briefing held at Nairobi’s San Valencia Gardens yesterday, said Loldaiga will be the event’s marathon stage featuring a grueling 53km.

Friday June 27 will see crews tackle the 8km stage at Turaco,  proced to an 8km Kisima stage, before ending the Day’s competitive run with the 3.1km spectator stage at Batian View. Crews will then take an overnight rest then restart on Saturday June 28.

Raju said the last run of the Batian View on Day Two will run as a power stage with category winners receive cash awards of Sh25,000.

In attendance were Haraka Mamas Joan Nesbitt and Tamara Jones who are returning to action after skipping a number of events.

Meanwhile, Clerk of the course, Don White says Nanyuki course  is a mixture of fast, smooth, rough and    rocky sections which will be both technically challenging and entertaining.

Delayed long rains in the country have been pounding this region for the better part of May and June-but White reckons that this should not   be a hindrance to the success of the rally.

Provide extra challenge

“In case heavens open on the race weekend, it will provide drivers an extra challenge. During the rainy season, we carried out quite a number of route surveys in wet conditions and came across some very big mud holes. If they get filled up with water, it will be very interesting to see what happens. But in the event that rains interfere with the proceedings of the day, then we will have the option of cutting the 53km Loldaiga section into two, make one stage a 25kms stretch and the other one 20km then cut out the five kilometers that we think might be a problem,” said White.

For safety reasons and to avoid traffic snarl-ups, all the three ranches — Loldaiga, Kisima and Turaco will be ‘no go zones’ for spectators.

White added that the spectators will get the opportunity to watch the action from Batian View which is only five kilometers from town and has the beautiful backdrop of Mt. Kenya.

“At the spectator stage, we are encouraging a “park and walk” policy, and the spectator parking will be provided with adequate security for spectators’ peace of mind,” White said.

“We will be going an extra mile on security, hiring a security company whose guards will serve as Marshals on both days,” said White adding that   Turaco is a totally new section they will be trying out for the first time.

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