Impeachment: Why senators voted to send Monda packing

Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda at Kisii County Assembly during his impeachment motion. [Sammy Omingo, Standard]

When the Senate voted to remove Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda from office, the majority of senators agreed with the County Assembly that he was guilty of all the four charges brought against him.

He was accused of gross violation of the  Constitution which 39 senators voted yes while three voted no and one abstained. On the charge of abuse of office, 39 senators voted yes, three voted no, while one abstained.

On the charge of gross misconduct, 35 senators voted yes, seven voted no while one abstained; on crimes under national law, 32 senator voted yes, nine voted no with one abstained with law only requiring for the deputy governor to be only found guilty in only one charge to be impeached.

Senate Majority Whip Boni Khalwale led the onslaught against Monda when he stood up to move the motion seeking to have the deputy governor kicked out of office by impeachment saying that it was the day to celebrate the integrity of two women from Kisii who stood for integrity.

“The Deputy Governor spent a lot of energy trying to twist the evidence in the affidavits of these two women, when he got Sh800,000, he quickly transferred Sh100,000 to Lucy who questioned her of which Monda says this was about what they discussed after which she returned the money,” said Khalwale.

Khalwale said the arrogance of power displayed with what Monda did to his brother Reuben by dispatching enforcement officers to arrest him. He talked of a split personality where the key witness for the Deputy Governor Joseph Misati testified to betray his son Dennis Mokaya who had accused Monda of pocketing a Sh800,000 bribe.

The Kakamega senator persuaded senators to take Monda home since they had been given enough evidence to prove that he received a Sh800,000 bribe from Mokaya with Wahito and Aminga evidence supporting that.

“The madness we are seeing in this house where a father testifies against a son and a deputy governor can turn up against his brother shows the evil that money can create in the society, I beg my fellow Senators to vote to take Monda home,” said Khalwale.

Migori Senator Eddie Oketch said that all Kenyans have met a young person who is learned but has not gotten a job being asked to give a bribe in order to secure a job saying the decision they make as senators has got a great impact on the future of the young generation.

Oketch, on seconding the motion by Khalwale to kick out Monda from office, challenged fellow Senators to state if they have not met a young relative, a neighbour, village-mate or a friend who is qualified for a job, ready to work but being asked to give a bribe in order to get a job.

Family ties

Narok Senator Ledama Kina said that it was a sad day for the family institution and that they have seen a father testify against the son and a brother against a brother and that it was time to distinguish family ties and integrity so as to give hope to the future of this nation.

Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua said that the Deputy Governor is part of a conspiracy to lie to the Senate to exonerate himself of any wrongdoing with the key witness for Monda going against his son and that it was wrong for a father to put his son in a mess.

Mandera Senator Ali Roba said that he has served as governor for 10 years and discouraged his County Public Service Board against taking even a single shilling in order to give employment to deserving candidates and that he had waited to listen for the evidence given for the last two days.

Kisii Senator Richard Onyonka said that the things happening in the Senate showing a failure in the county and that he had asked Arati to look for ways for solving their differences with Monda so that he is not impeached and that having worked with both Arati and Monda in parliament he would abstain.

“I am greatly disappointed with what is being witnessed in the Senate today since it has portrayed Kisii County that I represent badly, having worked together with Governor Simba Arati and Deputy Governor Robert Monda in our campaigns, I choose to abstain from voting in this matter,” said Onyonka.

Nyamira Senator Okongo Omogeni said that it was a sad day witnessing a father testifying against a son, and that the family is more important than the position held in society and coming from the Abagusii community he was greatly disappointed.

Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba said that it was a sad day that they were being subjected to negativity about Kisii county where he comes from which has produced top notch professionals such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects, educationists among many others.

Nominated Senator Crystal Asige said that the evidence brought by Mokaya was credible to warrant the removal from office of the deputy governor and that it was sad that a desperate youth was required to give out a colossal amount of money to get a job which did not materialise.

When given a chance to make his final remarks before voting, Monda said that he regretted the scenery the house was put through and that he was embarrassed that issues of his family played out in the senate and that it reflected differences in political affiliations in most families out there.

Monda said that what is happening in his family and that of Misati reflected political divisions played out and that it was embarrassing that as a former Member of Parliament he was appearing on fabricated charges with his character and behavior known and cannot be of the level brought before the senate.

“There has been a back and forth move that had roped in religious leaders to resolve the matter. I would take my efforts to talk to the affected families to see what comes out. I thank you for granting us a chance to present our case, where I have fallen below expectations I tender my apologies,” said Monda.

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