Promote rural tourism to boost economic growth

A group of friends enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean along the North Coast, beach in Mombasa County. [Elvis Ogina, Standard]

Tourism is a global force for sustainable progress. Tourism boosts social, economic, environmental, and inclusive development. The allure of tourists lies in the environment, culture, and heritage.

Tourism is booming worldwide, with exciting new destinations for travellers. It's a tool for creating jobs, ending poverty, and promoting sustainable development. Tourism shapes a nation's economy, culture, society, and politics. Tourism boosts social awareness, modernises infrastructure, revives traditions, enhances health, and strengthens social ties.

A booming tourism industry brings big economic gains. E-commerce, technology, demographics, and airline industry changes are boosting travel and tourism, boosting GDP and jobs worldwide. It has boosted various industries like transportation, construction, and retail.

Opinion on tourism can differ in every country. Exploring Kenyan views on tourism, will uncover the ups and downs of the industry from a local perspective.

Kenyan tourism boosts the economy. The industry boosts towns by creating jobs and improving lives. Tourism funds education and healthcare too. Tourism fosters cultural exchange in Kenya. You discover the country's vibrant music, dance, and culture. Cultural interchange breeds respect and understanding.

Kenya's wildlife relies on tourism for survival. Locals embrace tourism to support and safeguard animals. Tourism boosts infrastructure nationwide. Improved infrastructure benefits all.

Tourism employs the most people globally. Tourism is booming and boosting growth, creating jobs, increasing income, and improving the balance of payments. Kenya's tourism is booming with big-spending visitors and government support.

Kenya should boost rural tourism. The country's rural tourism potential is immense, thanks to the country's rich heritage, culture, and natural wonders. Tourists explore rural homes to experience customs, traditions, and local life, including food, festivals, dances, songs, and rituals.

They study, research, and buy local products. Villages are a breath of fresh air for city dwellers. People escape the grind of city life and go to the countryside on weekends and holidays.

Kenya is a cultural gem with a vibrant past. It is where dreams of African safaris come true. People around the world must visit Kenya to experience the world's beauty in one country. Cultural tourism lets you join in local celebrations and traditions.

Kenya's diverse attractions, including the work that people do, draw tourists from all over the world. Domestic jobs uplift rural people and boost their incomes. Rural tourism revives local culture and pride. Mass media and dominant culture can erase local traditions. Explore rural tourism for a chance to learn about religious rituals. Culture's captivating facets intrigue outsiders. Rural tourism can be enriched by religious rituals, festivals, and performances.

The government needs to actively promote rural tourism as it is a powerful engine for economic growth.

Mr Surjit is a veteran journalist and freelance writer based in Brampton Canada

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