Senator Chute seeks answers on harmful relaxers, bleaching substances

A woman having a phone conversation as her hair is blow-dryed in a salon. [Getty Images]

Marsabit Senator Mohammed Chute has sought a statement from the Senate Health Committee concerning the unregulated sale of harmful hair relaxers and bleaching substances by L’oreal International Cosmetics and Beauty Company.

Chute sought to have the committee investigate whether the ingredients used by L’oreal International Cosmetics and Beauty Company in the manufacturing and preservation of hair relaxers and bleaching substances contain carcinogenic properties such as Formaldehyde.

The Senator who sought the statement on the floor of the house wants the health risks associated with the usage of these products established and all complaints of experienced side effects after the use of L’oreal beauty products and give data of those who have been compensated if any.

“I would like the Senate Health Committee to investigate whether the products are in the market legally and whether they are disproportionately skewed against the Black African Population,” said Chute.

He sought to have the committee clarify whether the company exercises consumer protection and risk assessment by labelling the chemicals used in their products and if they perform risk assessment to minimize the risk of human contact allergic reactions.

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