SCHOOLS: Ageng'a Mixed ready to reignite hockey girls' rivalry in Migori County

Nyamira Girls Laureen Auma (center) ion action against Agenga Girls during the Nyanza regional finals.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

The excitement is palpable as schools across Migori County gear up for the highly anticipated Term One games, set to kick off on Thursday.

With a plethora of sporting disciplines on display, all eyes are on the defending champions, Ageng’a Mixed Secondary School, particularly in the hockey girls' category, as they aim to retain their title and cement their dominance in the county.

In the hockey girls' pools, Ageng’a Mixed Secondary School stands out as the team to beat in Group A, displaying confidence and determination to defend their championship title.

With a formidable lineup and a history of success in the sport, Ageng’a poses a significant challenge to their opponents and is poised to showcase their skills on the field.

Meanwhile, Group B features competitive teams such as Anjego and Dede, who are eager to make their mark and upset the reigning champions.

Oyugi Ogango also presents a strong challenge, adding an element of unpredictability to the pool and setting the stage for intense matches throughout the tournament.

Raymond Omogi, the chairman of the Migori County Secondary School Sports Association, expressed the association's readiness for the upcoming games.

"We have put in place all necessary arrangements to ensure a successful and smooth-running tournament," Omogi stated.

"Our teams have been preparing diligently, and we are confident that the games will showcase the immense talent and sportsmanship present in Migori County."

In addition to hockey girls, the hockey boys' category promises thrilling action, with teams like Kanga and Rapogi expected to showcase their prowess on the field. Pe-Hill and Anjego also present formidable challenges, setting the stage for intense competition and riveting encounters.

Turning to other disciplines, rugby 15s pools reveal a fierce competition brewing, with schools like Rapogi and Koderobara poised to dominate in their respective groups.

Nyamira Girls Mercy Dawo (center) in action against Agenga Girls.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

Meanwhile, basketball boys' pools showcase a diverse array of talent, with schools like Migori Boys and Rapogi primed for success in their groups.

In the basketball girls' category, teams like Tuk Jowi and Nyabohanse emerge as strong contenders, ready to showcase their skills and compete for the championship title.

Handball boys and girls categories also promise exciting matches, with schools like Iraha and Kuibancha ready to demonstrate their prowess on the court.

As Migori County prepares to host the Term One games, anticipation is high, and excitement fills the air.

With teams vying for glory and schools rallying behind their athletes, the stage is set for a thrilling showcase of talent, sportsmanship, and determination.

Fans eagerly await the kick-off of the tournament, eager to witness the spectacle unfold and see which schools will emerge victorious in their respective disciplines.


Rugby 15s

Group A: Rapogi, Isebania, Anjego, Taranganya

Group B: Koderobara, Sori, Uriri, Ageng’a

Basketball Boys

Group A: Migori Boys, Taranganya, Kanga

Group B: Rapogi, Kanyawanga

Group C: Masara, Sori, Uriri

Group D: Isebania, Matare, Kokuro

Basketball Girls

Group A: Tuk Jowi, Wasio, Mabera

Group B: Nyabohanse, Masara, Dede

Group C: Nyamotambe, BL Tezza

Group D: Mori, Ulanda

Hockey Boys

Group A: Kanga, Pe-Hill, Rapogi, Anjego

Hockey Girls

Group A: Mabera, Ageng’a

Group B: Anjego, Dede, Oyugi Ogango

Handball Boys

Group A: Iraha, Kanyawanga, Gokeharaka

Group B: Winjo, Migori Boys, Sidika

Group C: Nyasoko, Matare, Radienya

Group D: Manyatta, Kionyo, Rapogi

Handball Girls

Group A: Kuibancha, Oyugi Ogango, Wyser

Group B: Ulanda, Arambe, Bl Tezza

Group C: Nyamotambe, Kadika, Raha

Group D: Iraha, Radienya, Kionyo

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