Mung'aro launches phase three of county Mashinani programme

Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung'aro speaking at Mapimo Polytechnic in Magarini sub-county. [Marion Kithi, Standard]

Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung'aro has launched phase three of the County Mashinani Programme to improve service delivery and transparency through public participation.

Speaking at Mapimo Polytechnic in Magarini sub-county, Mung'aro said that the programme promotes dialogue with the people.

He explained that the programme aims to create a bridge between the people and the county Executive through dialogue and participatory development where citizens can give feedback on government services and projects.

"This programme is for the residents. Today, we are here to listen to you and respond to issues in real-time," he said.

Mung'aro announced that going forward, the programme will involve all 35 wards within the county.

He further urged MCAs to take oversight seriously and promised to work closely with them to improve service delivery.

The governor said his administration supports public participation as it is the cure of what ails the society.

The programme, which is being implemented by the county Department of Public Service Management, Devolution and Public Participation is expected to cover all the seven sub-counties and involve County Executive Committee members, chief officers and heads of department.

Kilifi County Public Service Management and Devolution Executive Committee member Yaye Shosi said the programme will ensure that residents are involved and CECs and chief officers actively implement the development agenda.

“The effective path of growth and development is to track implementation and engage the population through sensitisation of government plans and agenda,” she said.

Shosi promised to take the people's views seriously to ensure the success of the programme.

"According to Chapter 10 of the Constitution, it demands that all the projects done by the administration be made public," she said.

Shosi said that the feedback from the people will help the county in policy formulation and prioritise projects and programmes.

"Residents have taken the project positively because they have never had an opportunity like this where they talk with the county leaders on issues that bedevil them," she said.

Shosi revealed that the eight days of the programme will cost Sh5 million.

"We have about Sh5 million for now. However, the programme needs about Sh10 million. We will request for additional funds in the next financial year," she said.

Governor Mung'aro's administration is among the first counties to prepare the Kilifi County Public Participation Policy, which has since been passed by the assembly.

The county is also in the process of developing Kilifi County Village Administrator Unit Bill 2023.

Shosi called for the enhancement of own-source revenue to fund projects.

Issues raised by the people ranged from delayed or stalled projects, lack of drugs in health facilities, land disputes and bias in the allocation of funds and projects in certain wards.

Other issues included delayed disbursement of bursary and scholarship funds and inadequate staffing in the health, agriculture and education sectors, among others.

"The dispensary was closed down after the doctor on duty was beaten up by a local. We want the county to provide a solution because we have nowhere to seek medication," said Leah Birya.

Francis Mchawa from Magarini noted that Masheheni scheme is yet to get a title deed decades later.

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