UK High Commissioner to Kenya praises 1xBet Tottenham matatu advert

By 1xbet: Monday, April 15th 2019 at 14:38 GMT +3 | Sports
1xbet ad with Victor Wanyama placed on a matatu [Courtesy]

Recently, one of Britain’s highest ranking diplomats, the UK High Commissioner to Kenya, tweeted the image of a 1xBet ad which featured Victor Wanyama.

The Tottenham Hotspur star midfielder is seen appearing beside a couple of his teammates in a series of ads displayed on matatus which form part of a new partnership that sees 1xBet as the exclusive, official betting partner for Tottenham in Kenya.

The commissioner is a big fan of Spurs as his older tweets confirm and it seems he was deeply touched by the image of a Kenyan football player proudly representing his favourite club Tottenham in his own country. He was particularly satisfied that these ads focussed on his favourite team  Tottenham Hotspur instead of the usual suspects of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal.  1xBet is extremely proud to have its marketing efforts noticed by such an important government official, which means more people can discover 1xBet through his recommendation and recognition.

1xBet and Tottenham in Africa

1xBet forged a partnership with Tottenham in August 2018, becoming the official betting partner for Spurs in Africa. The collaboration ensures 1xBet gets extensive in-stadium advertising, and the exclusive rights to use team and player images to promote football and its services all over Africa. That fits perfectly with 1xBet’s ambitious plans to forge new international partnerships to promote the benefits of sports worldwide.

With solid partnerships in place, 1xBet will continue to offer the very best sports betting services in the region. New marketing material, TV commercials and images portraying the relationship between the two powerful brands have been created which show the club and brand together, and several promotional campaigns are in the pipeline. If you missed these exceptional ads on national TV then here’s a chance to have a look at some of the material developed exclusively by 1xBet.

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Hailey's tweet [Courtesy]

1xBet has chosen Kenya specifically for this campaign due to the significance of the country in its overall strategy to solidify and strengthen operations throughout Africa.

The conditions were ideal with 1xBet awarded a license immediately and Kenya’s high level of technological infrastructure, fast internet speed, improved mobile payment systems and robust legislation in place. The icing on the cake is that Victor Wanyama is a rising star and promising player at Tottenham, which is another valid reason for 1xBet to boost its presence in Kenya.

The Power of Sport in the Community

It has always been a primary objective at 1xBet  to offer much more value than just a sports betting platform. By means of well thought out, strategic partnerships, 1xBet brings real value to the communities where it operates, with colourful ads promoting rural areas, the construction of new football grounds, and refurbishing existing sports facilities in Africa. 1xBet partners with reputable organisations like the Confederation Africaine, to do good in the community, and not just offer sports betting. 1xBet is all about bringing the benefits of sports to the community even in more challenging situations with a great solution every time.

With recognition coming from far and wide including prominent figures, 1xBet’s presence and influence in Kenya means positive things to look forward to for sports enthusiasts and the general public. So be sure to follow 1xBet, the best bookmaker in Africa with an innovative touch and lots of surprises, fabulous bonuses, the best odds, a broad range of betting markets, and loads of chances to win big, only with 1xBet in Africa.