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Jambojet unveils on board advertising platform

NAIROBI, KENYA: Low cost carrier Jambojet has partnered with Global Onboard Partnership to offer onboard advertising a move that will generate ancillary revenue for the airline.

The partnership will take effect by the end of this month.

“This partnership opens up a new revenue opportunity for the airline. We are happy to offer this new medium on advertising using Global Onboard Partners technology on our aircrafts. We are constantly looking for opportunities such as this one that enable us to generate non-ticket revenue,” said Jambojet CEO Willem Hondius.

Mr Hondius noted the value to advertisers who can now offer products and services to a captive audience of over half a million passengers over the course of a year is unparalleled in the region

Global Onboard Partners is the only media company in the world holding the required certification to place advertisements in the most desirable locations throughout each aircraft including the outside of traditional tray tables and overhead bins, bulkhead wall among other key locations.

Kirk Adams, Global Onboard Partners CEO, said the expansion into Kenya would provide local and international brands with the opportunity to reach airline passengers in a distraction-free environment.

“Onboard advertising is one of the few mediums where brands have the full undistracted attention of highly desirable, consumers in a calm, distraction-free environment. We are thrilled to have Jambojet join the Global Onboard Partners’ family of airlines worldwide.  With the addition of Jambojet, we are able to continue our expansion and effectively reach more than 350 Million consumers annually,” said Mr Adams.

The company works with over 30 airlines worldwide with Jambojet being its first partnership in Africa as it looks to expand its business.

The partnership comes weeks after the low cost carrier launched a pre-departure notification system that allows the airline to communicate with customers’ pre-flight information such as online check-in times, baggage options and seat selection via email and SMS. The airline has also introduced a fare freezing feature that allows passengers to hold a booking for up to 24 hours.