Why Nakuru tailor is demanding Sh14m from six law firms

Joel Kamau at Nakuru City on February 22, 2023. He has sued six law firms over a Sh14 million owed to him. [Daniel Chege, Standard]

Nakuru tailor Joel Kamau, 42, was attacked on October 18, 2000, by retired Kiamaina Assistant Chief Samuel Njoroge.

According to court records, Njoroge invaded Kamau’s home with alleged goons, posing as auctioneers for Ebony Sacco.

The chief, alongside one David Njuguna, took Kamau’s sewer and pressure lamp to auction over a Sh10,000 loan Kamau owed the Sacco.

“The chief presided over the illegal auction of my property and took Sh2,000, after accusing me of defaulting on the loan payment,” read part of his statement in court.

The chief allegedly arrested Kamau before frog-marching him to his office, where he allegedly locked him up and brutally whipped him.

Aggrieved, Kamau sued the chief, Njuguna and the Sacco as respondents, in a civil case and won the case in April 2013.

The court then ordered the respondents to pay Kamau Sh1,489,514 as compensation plus interest accrued for the 13 years.

However, to date, Kamau claims he has not been compensated.

He has moved to court, and sued six law firms that represented him in the compensation case, accusing them of stealing his money.

Kamau, in his case before Chief Magistrate Bildad Ochieng, now claims the law firms owe him over Sh14 million, which include compensation, interests and damages.

The tailor wants lawyers Munene Chege, Githiru Nganga, Naomi Muriithi and Lawrence Mwangi Company advocates and Rono advocates and Bosire advocates to compensate him.

“The law firms unfairly ensured I never got the money owed to me for over 10 years now. They have been unfair, even after I fought for justice since 2000,” he submits.

Kamau specifically accuses Githiru company advocates, which represented him in the cost, interest and compensation taxation, of taking advantage of his ignorance to steal from him.

“The court should hold the law firms responsible for delayed payment and order them to pay me Sh14 million,” Kamau submits.

Kamau claims Githiru’s law firm colluded with the chief and opposing lawyers to sign a consent dated October 18, 2016, which stated that he agreed to a payment of Sh250,000.

“I saw a consent that I did not sign and I believe the lawyer signed on my behalf and lied to court that it was mine,” he states.

He claims that he was only paid Sh170,000 and despite filing complaints and writing letters to seven government departments, he was not successful.

“The total cost I incurred for 23 years, plus compensation and interests amount to Sh14 million,” he deposes

However, Githiru law firm has termed Kamau’s application as misplaced and not known under any provisions of the law.

He wants the court to dismiss the case, saying the law firms are not under siege and are not responsible for compensating aggrieved parties.

“The plaintiff cannot sue law firms without evidence. He was compensated, he signed a consent and as far as we are aware, he has no cause of action against the firms,” submits Githiru.

He adds that a court order cannot be issued against a firm that tried to assist Kamau get justice.