VIDEO: Married mother of six from West Pokot 'marries' Holy Spirit

It was a normal Tuesday afternoon when residents of Makutano town, West Pokot County thronged a church to witness a rather unusual wedding.

The quiet streets suddenly lit up as dozens cheered with ululations and dance as Elizabeth Nalem, a mother of six, celebrated her big day.

In an endearing white wedding gown and accompanied by friends and faithful, Elizabeth made a grand entrance to the town causing near paralysis.

Curious residents, who had gathered, were perturbed by the unique event as the bride was set to get “married to the Holy Spirit”.

The ceremony started off with a sermon from a pastor who later prayed for her as she began a new chapter in her life.

After the ceremony, Elizabeth said she had served the world for many years, and now she was a changed woman ready to serve her God.

“Today, I am one of those who have received the word of God. I have faced difficulties, and it made me look for God,” she said, adding that she had even closed her businesses.

The mother of six said the 'Holy Spirit' led her to pastor Albert Rumaita who bought her the gown, hired vehicles and organised the ceremony held at Chelangaa gardens.

Elizabeth, who works for the town council, claimed that she consulted her husband to allow her to go ahead with the wedding but he was against it. This did not stop her either.

Her husband, Joshua Nalem who was shocked by the day's events, said his wife decided to abandone their matrimonial home and ‘marry’ the church.

“My wife used to go to church and what she has decided to do today is shocking. I can’t understand,” Joshua said, adding that his wife had been waking up at 3am to pray and when he questioned her actions she moved out of their home to a neighbouring homestead.

“She went to church and when she returned she started waking up at 3am to go and pray. I asked her why she was braving the chilly weather just to pray, but instead, she decided to move out,” he said.

“She is my wife and I paid the dowry. We have six children. Our firstborn just completed Form Four the other day.”

Pastor Rumaita, on the other hand, said he had no option but to do what the woman had requested him.

“After she presented her issues to her church pastor, she was dismissed. She came to me and after she explained herself, I took the bold step and did what she requested me to do,” said the pastor.

The event also saw tens of residents flout Covid-19 regulations which prohibit gatherings as they flocked to the church to witness the ceremony.