Family mourns officer killed in Mandera attack

Clement Mnangat and his newly-wed wife Nancy Chepoisho Sirma. [Photo: Courtesy]

A man who celebrated his wedding three weeks ago is among the Administration Police officers killed when their vehicle drove over an explosive device. 

His widow is said to have gone into shock after receiving the devastating news of the death of her newfound love. 

Left with only memories of the wedding ceremony that took place in Kambi ya Ndege in West Pokot, Nancy Checoisho Sirma was overcome with grief.

Clement Mnangat, 27 and two other officers died when their vehicle drove over an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) believed to have been planted by Al Shaabab militants in Banisa, Mandera on Friday.

Mnangat is said to have left home a week after the wedding.

“It is very painful. He wedded three weeks ago and he was full of life with hopes of starting a family,” said Hillary Pkiach, his cousin.

Mnangat was the sole breadwinner of their family and had recently finished construction of a three-bedroom house for his parents in Kishaunet in West Pokot

Pkiach, who spoke on behalf of the family, said his cousin joined the service three years ago.

“After the wedding, Mnangat went back to work and left his 21-year-old wife at home with his parents,” he said.

The deceased who has been described as a hardworking man is said to have been planning to open a business for his wife.

His first station was Kacheliba police station in West Pokot before he was transferred to Garissa, and then to Mandera where he met his death.

Joseph Biwott, the deceased’s uncle, said plans are underway for Mnangat’s burial at Kishaunet home.

“We we were celebrating his wedding last month and now we are preparing for his funeral,” he said.