A 37-year old woman set for death sentence for killing her boyfriend

The High Court has found a 37-year-old woman guilty of murdering her lover.

Hellen Wambui had been accused of killing Roy Ibrahim four years ago at Nkorinkori area in Narok South.

In her defence, Wambui had told Justice Justus Bwonong’a that her boyfriend had shot himself after a domestic dispute.

“On the fateful day, the deceased rang me requesting we meet at Ololulunga town but I did not make it because I had many customers. Upon arriving at 5pm, he was very angry and threatened to kill me before he killed himself,” she said.

However, 11 witnesses who appeared before the court, among them three criminal investigating officers, two cooks, medics, a security guard and neighbour gave testimony that conflicted with Wambui's story.

Paul Kiilu, an investigating officer, said Ibrahim was a licensed gun owner who used the weapon to scare away birds and animals from his farm.

Samson Njoroge, another investigating officer, told the court that Ibrahim could not have shot himself because of the way the bullet entered through his left chest and exited above the buttocks.

Justice Bwonong’a said the prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt that Wambui murdered her boyfriend. The probation team has until February 20 to write their report before Wambui can present her mitigation and await a verdict.