New book on real estate investment launched

Construction manager Nashon Okowa. [Courtesy]

Construction manager Nashon Okowa has launched another book on how to invest in real estate.

The book, 'The 7 Rules of Real Estate Investment', is the third book after 'Don't Buy That House' and 'The Abnormal Student'.

Speaking during the launch in Nairobi in Thursday, Mr Okowa said the book is a good guide to those who want to invest in Kenya's real estate.

"The book is basically to guide any potential person who want to invest in real estate either building or buying for investment or rental and how to do it better," he said.

"This book will show you how to make and protect your money while investing in real estate.

"It is a remedy for the incessant, careless, losses synonymous with this investment,'' says the blurb.

"If you religiously follow these seven intelligible rules, you will invariably have a bulletproofed and profoundly profitable real estate investment.''

Among the seven rules are; never ignore feasibility study, set your expected return on investment, be ruthless with due diligence and never compromise on location.

Others are; sell the sizzling, sell the steak , leverage on reputable and experienced project team and professionalise management of projects.

Okowa, a former chairman of Association of Construction Managers of Kenya and founder and managing director of Beacon Africa Consultants, said many Kenyans continue to get conned in real estate investment due to lack of information but now with the book, he hopes to save some from such losses.

The book is now available at local bookshops and via Amazon.