Don't lecture us, ODM to Gen Z protesters

ODM Chairman John Mbadi. [File, Standard]

The call from ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga on Tuesday, July 9, for youths to engage in a national dialogue with the government has sparked outrage among young people.

Many took to social media to express their dissatisfaction and disappointment with Odinga's stance.

In response, ODM Chairperson John Mbadi defended Odinga's remarks, emphasising his commitment to advocating for a better Kenya.

However, Mbadi cautioned against the backlash from youths, pointing out that Odinga's party has a history of leading protests that have brought about changes in the country.

Mbadi further warned against lecturing the party on protest strategies, asserting their readiness to resume protests if necessary.

"As ODM, we have been on the streets and in demonstrations before. We never shy away from fighting. But we know when to retreat and when to advance, for the sake of our country. Nobody should lecture us about demonstrations. We have been there and can return, but only under Odinga's guidance," said Mbadi in a statement.

Yesterday, youths called on Odinga to distance himself from government-youth interactions, arguing that his actions undermine his credibility as a leader of the opposition, weakening his ability to hold the government accountable.

Odinga, in a post on X on Wednesday, July 10,  acknowledged their demands to refrain from engaging in dialogue with the government.