Jubilee: Ruto world tours have achieved nothing

Jubilee Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni addressing the press in Nakuru on December 8, 2023. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

Jubilee party wants President William Ruto to explain what he achieved from his numerous travels across the world.

Speaking in Nakuru during a grassroots meeting with leaders, Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni said: "President Ruto is yet to reveal to Kenyans what he has achieved in his over 40 travels to foreign countries."

"We want to see results. What is it that he is going to do in those countries? We hope he is not out there to sell our wild animals," said Kioni.

He said Jubilee Party will do all it can to ensure public funds are not wasted. Revenue collected, he said, must be used on projects that are profitable to the taxpayer.

Kioni took a swipe at President Ruto leaving Dubai and heading directly to India.

"Ruto even got to India ahead of the President of India. We look bad and it's just a matter of time before everyone starts laughing at us," he said.

He also criticized the planned privatization of various government corporations noting his party they will not allow it to happen.

As Jubilee, he said, they are working to ensure Ruto stays in office for only one term. He called on other parties not in government to come out and speak of the failures of the Kenya Kwanza administration.

Kenya Kwanza, he said, should allow Azimio to function and stop interfering with its structure, adding that Jubilee remains united.

"We know Kenya Kwanza has invested heavily to make sure they destabilize Azimio so they can run the country down," said Kioni.

Meanwhile, Kioni said any amendment to the Constitution must involve the people. Our stand on reducing the cost of living remains. He noted that the talks between the parties over the matter failed to achieve anything useful for the people.

Kioni said they are watching the moves by the Kenya Kwanza leaders trying to reintroduce the Housing Levy and positions of Chief Administrative Secretaries in disregard of court decisions that declared them unconstitutional.

"The Judiciary is our only hope, everyone else has been captured," he said. "We have objected to the Housing Levy, the concept is wrong in the manner it is being introduced. Even the amendments they have taken to parliament will not get our approval."

Mr Kioni said Azimio will be going back to court to challenge the new move by Kenya Kwanza. Kenya Kwanza, he said, is hoping to outsmart Kenyans and has no respect for the views given by the judges. He called on the Judiciary to remain firm as is the only place Kenyans can run to.

Kioni said Jubilee Party is in the process of filling vacant positions at grassroots levels. Some of the positions were left vacant after officials quit.