Khalwale wants Kuria sacked over remarks

Kuria dismissed complaints from Kenyans regarding the recently announced fuel prices and suggested that those who were unhappy should drill their own oil wells.

The CS said the increase in crude oil prices has resulted in economic challenges worldwide.

Previously, Chirchir, who appeared before the Energy Committee in Parliament on Friday, foresaw tougher times ahead and stated that there is little the government can do about fuel prices.

"These prices are determined by Opec, and there is limited action we can take," he told the committee, which caused an uproar among Kenyans.

Ndii cited international oil shocks and the country's history of debt as contributing factors to the rising fuel prices.

"I want to convey from Kakamega today that the individuals you appointed have placed you in a difficult situation," Khalwale said.

He added: "They (Kuria, Chirchir, and Ndii) must clarify to Kenyans what they meant when they talked about buying fuel from government to government. If the situation is worsening, you should dismiss these individuals if you wish to see a reduction in fuel prices."

Khalwale went on: "I was elected in this country to serve the poor. I don't care whether the wealthy individuals find petrol expensive, but I am concerned when boda boda operators struggle to afford fuel for their motorcycles."

He told Ruto if he does not fire the three he should expect criticism from the citizens.

"President Ruto, dismiss these individuals; otherwise, your government will be negatively portrayed, even in smaller events like this one," the senator said.