Rescue us from the wrath of ODM, rebels plead with Ruto

The rebels are currently facing disciplinary action by the ODM party for working with the Kenya Kwanza government.

Each of them has already got a summon requiring them to appear before the ODM disciplinary committee this week.

They are required to show cause why they are going against the wishes of the ODM party whose leadership is against President Ruto's administration.

Speaking at Oriwo Boys High School during a prayer service and homecoming party of Interior CS Raymond Omollo, the legislators said they owe nobody an apology for working with the government.

Jalango said the resolve to work with the government however does not mean that they are betraying their party.

"Mr President, I know Raila Odinga is your friend, kindly talk to him about the troubles we are going through," Jalango pleaded.

His pleas were echoed by Ojienda who said the constitution allows them to collaborate with the government for implementation of development in their respective electoral areas.

"We are elected by the people to serve their interests. We don't owe anybody an apology for working with the government of President Ruto," Prof Ojienda said.

His sentiments were echoed by Omondi who said they are ready to meet the ODM disciplinary committee.

He said although they have been branded as rebels, the party's intimidation will not deter them from working with the Kenya Kwanza government.

He argued that he made the decision to work with Ruto after getting the green light from the people of Suba South.

"My constituents allowed me to work with President Ruto. We are ready to face the consequences that may prevail," he said adding, "We are ready to hold the sharp end of the knife. May God help me win but if I don't win, help me have courage in my mission."

In his sentiments, Odhiambo accused the ODM party of being malicious to him after he was summoned twice yet the other had only been summoned once.

Nyamita said it is not right for anybody to deny them their constitutional right of working with the government.

"I have been issued with a show cause letter by ODM because I went to the President's office and later visited the Deputy President's office. How is this a problem yet we should work with the government for the development of our people?" Nyamita asked.

Ochanda said the Luo community should start thinking of a different way of ascending to the presidency.

"It is now obvious that the Luo community cannot get the presidency through the path we have been following. I feel that if you have not succeeded in seeking something, it is important to let your brother try it," Ochanda said.

But Ruto in his response told the MPs to be firm and resist the threats.

While urging them to relax and focus on the journey, Ruto said such threats are what will build them politically.

"I was the Deputy party leader in ODM and at some point, I also received a letter from the party's disciplinary committee. And if you see that you have received such a letter from ODM, that is when you know you are on the right path," Ruto responded.

According to him, any legislator who is serving under ODM and they have not received summoned letters then they have a long way to go.

He said, then ODM wanted to ouster him and he sought the court's redress on the matter which dragged on until he became the deputy president.

"I want you to know that one's political career starts flourishing once they are summoned by the ODM party disciplinary committee. Your tribulations are part of the leadership journey, so relax," Ruto said.