Kenya Union Party initiates process to exit Azimio

"Kenya Union Party ideals and aspirations are well catered for in Kenya Kwanza Alliance, we have officially initiated the process that will enable us leave the Azimio coalition that we supported during the August 2022 General Election and which we feel no longer represents the interests of our people," he said.

The former West Pokot Governor said KUP does not support Azimio's anti government-demonstrations which are not a remedy to the challenges faced by citizens and President Ruto should be given a chance to deliver election promises.

Lonyangapuo maintained that Ruto won the presidential election fairly and that it was wrong for Azimio leader Raila Odinga to rely on a whistleblower to claim that his election victory was stolen.

He pointed out that Azimio chief presidential agent Saitabau Kanchory revealed in his book that systemic failures by the coalition party leadership cost them election victory.

"It is very wrong for leaders elected as senators and Members of National Assembly to riot over what they term as an unfair outcome of an election that put them in office, this is ironical since if they are genuine they should resign from their seats," said Lonyangapuo.

The KUP deputy party leader Asman Kamama said having served at one time as Cabinet Minister in the office of the President he can confirm that servers are not kept there and that asking him to open the same was misleading the public.

Kamama noted that it was common knowledge to all Kenyans that it was the mandate of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to handle servers and the opposition should channel its grievances to the right offices and leave the President alone.

The former Tiaty MP said that the party supports the proposal to establish the office of the Official Leader of the Opposition so that Raila can have a platform to keep the government in check instead of leading demonstrations.

"Our neighbouring countries do not have peace and it would be unwise for leaders to act in a manner that will lead to hatred and negative ethnicity among citizens, that must be avoided at all costs since having a nation affected by war back to its feet is not an easy task," said Kamama.

The two leaders clarified that Pokot South MP David Pkosing has not been given any mandate to represent the party at the bipartisan talks and he was there in his individual capacity and that only Prof Lonyangapuo is mandated to speak on behalf of KUP.