Ruto's acceptance speech: There's no room for vengeance

In his victory speech, Ruto vowed to run a transparent, open and democratic government. He says he will work with the Opposition who will provide oversight to his administration.

"I want to thank Raila Odinga, that we all dwelled on issues and tried to sell an agenda to the people of Kenya. I promise I will work with all elected leaders and all leaders so that we can fashion a country that leaves no one behind," Ruto said.

The president-elect said he was committed to building on the foundation that he and President Uhuru Kenyatta had laid under the Jubilee Government.

"I want to promise the people of Kenya, whichever way they voted, that this will be their government.

"I know many are wondering, especially those who have done many things against us, I want to tell them that they have nothing to fear, that there is no room for vengeance, there is no room for looking back, we are looking into the future.

"I am acutely aware that our country needs all hands on deck to move forward. We do not have the luxury to apportion blame, we must close ranks and work together for a functioning democratic, prosperous Kenya," Ruto said.

Ruto has commended the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) saying it conducted a free, fair and transparent election.

"I want to say that one Wafula Chabukati [IEBC Chairperson] is our hero, soft-spoken but firm. We are very proud, without informing any of us, you put all the results from all polling stations on a public portal that any Kenyan could access, that was the game changer in this election.

"Let me also thank our partners, the religious leaders who were part of this process from the very beginning, for the first time we saw religious leaders spend time in this tallying center and prayed for this process. Their prayers will not be in vain," Ruto said.