Mwaure pledges to end politicking in churches if elected president

Agano Party leader David Waihiga Mwaure with his running mate Ruth Mucheru at CUEA in Nairobi. [Denish Ochieng, Standard]

Agano Party presidential candidate David Mwaure has vowed to prioritise the church’s involvement in State affairs should he win the August 9 polls.

His sentiments come amid criticism that he is a clergy candidate.

During the Tuesday presidential debate at CUEA in Karen, Nairobi, Mwaure said he would include the Church in his cabinet once he is elected Kenya's next president. 

"The church plays a huge role in the day-to-day activities of this country. In my government, the church will be allowed to sit in cabinet meetings," Mwaure said.

He has also promised to pay the clergy members involved in running the government.

"We will even consider remunerating them for some of their services," he said.

When asked what his stand on politicking in the church was, he said, "The church is a place of worship and not a platform to hurl insults or speak ill of others,".

According to the Agano Party presidential hopeful, this is not his first attempt at an elective seat.

He unsuccessfully contested the Lamu Senator seat in 2017.

"I believe I was rigged out of the Lamu Senate race in 2017. One of my competitors said there was technological manipulation of the election results," Mwaure claimed. 

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