70 percent vote target for Mudavadi, Wetangula not cast in stone, parties say


Kenya Kwanza Principals William Ruto, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula in a discussion during a previous event. [David Gichuru, Standard]


Amani National Congress and Ford-Kenya have defended the political pact with Deputy President William Ruto.

The parties have said their target to deliver 70 per cent of western Kenya votes to Kenya Kwanza was realistic and not a mirage as their detractors see it.

The targets to deliver the 1,586,665 votes out of a possible 2,266, 665  in the region were set for ANC's Musalia Mudavadi and Ford-Kenya’s Moses Wetang’ula to warrant them a 30 per cent stake in the Kenya Kwanza government.

IEBC statistics show that in the region's five counties, Kakamega has the biggest bloc with 743,736 followed by Bungoma with 559,850, Busia 351,048, Trans Nzoia 339,662 and Vihiga 272,409.

ANC chair Kelvin Lunani said that the 1.5 million vote target was not cast  in stone and that the two parties, whose support is majorly in western Kenya, were up to the task.

“Kenyans should first of all know that the glue binding the parties in Kenya Kwanza including ANC and Ford Kenya is trust. I know it too well that we can reach the 70 per cent target and get the 30 per cent government share but also trust that even if we hit 40 per cent, Ruto won’t throw us under the bus,” he said.

“We have been in other political alliances before and have been mistreated even as we signed similar pacts with them. We are alert and not looking back on working with the DP. I have strong feeling that Ruto will reward us should he form a government whether we meet the target.”

Lunani, who is a vying for Butula MP seat was categorical that the masses were misinterpreting the agreement to mean that the 30 per cent would go to the Luhyia community alone saying that was “pure misunderstanding because our parties and followers who stand to benefit are spread across the nation.”

His sentiments came days after Kiambu governorship aspirant William Kabogo asked the DP to sign a similar pact with central Kenya leaders guaranteeing the region a stake in a Kenya Kwanza government.

Ford-K organising secretary Chris Mandumandu however said the document is not about principal secretaries, ambassadorial positions and other top slots in government but about service to the people.

“I have seen the document and can assure you that it’s not about power-sharing or the 70-30 per cent thing. The gist of it is service to the voters,” he said.

Challenged to share the details of the “real” document since the one in the public was “misleading” Mandu Mandu said he was not in a position to share “top alliance secrets” stashed in a sensitive document.

He however maintained that the two parties were keen on delivering maximum number of votes for Ruto from western and across the country.

Last week, when he visited the region for economic round table discussions, Ruto assured residents that he would "truly reward Musalia and Wetang'ula" for standing with him.

Shinyalu MP Justus Kizito characterised the targets set for the two leaders as “a load too heavy for our sons” sympathising with the duo whom he said “have fallen victims of Ruto’s mischief.”

He said it was regrettable that the Luhyia community would lose big should Ruto become president because the two would obviously not have attained the targets he has set to accommodate them in his “high targets alliance.”

“I appeal to my brother Musalia to read through the mischief and return to Azimio where he is still welcome," Kizito said.