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ODM nullifies Gem MP Elisha Odhiambo's nomination

Gem MP Elisha Odhiambo addresses the media at Parliament buildings [Elvis Ogina, Standard]

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Central Committee has nullified Elisha Odhiambo's nomination in Gem parliamentary race.

In a statement posted on its official Twitter page on Sunday, April 24, ODM said a direct ticket would be issued to a candidate who will fly the Party's flag in the August 9 General Election.

"The Party's nomination in respect to Gem Constituency, Siaya County as conducted on April 13, 2022 is hereby nullified.

"That the National Elections Board (NEB) is hereby directed to proceed and issue a direct ticket in line with Rule 8 (b) of the Party Primaries and Nomination Rules," read the statement.

Odhiambo had won the ticket after getting 7,405 votes against Jalango Midiwo’s 6,384 votes.

Midiwo, who is ODM Party leader Raila Odinga's cousin, was unsatisfied with the results and filed an appeal against Odhiambo's win.

He alleged that the primaries had been marred with violence and intimidation.

The Party's tribunal, however, dismissed Midiwo's application, but he was relentless in his pursuit.

Midiwo challenged the decision a second time, but the Party's tribunal, led by Fredrick Orego, still upheld Odhiambo's nomination.

“The question to ask is whether the applicant has presented an application that persuades the tribunal to grant the orders being sought. The application to review the judgement is dismissed and the judgement of the tribunal delivered on April 20, 2022 is hereby affirmed,” said Orego.

The tribunal stated that the election was conducted in line with the ODM nomination rules, adding that the appellant failed to provide evidence how the gadgets affected the final tally.

Additionally, the tribunal said Midiwo failed to explain how violence manifested in Gem during the voting day, given no person was attacked.