We're untainted and best for Statehouse, Karua, Kibwana, Kituyi declare

Makueni Governor Kivutha kibwana, Presidential aspirant  Mukhisa Kituyi, National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi  and Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua when they declared a united front for the 2022 presidency.

Members of the National Alliance for Change have kicked off nationwide tours to popularise their presidential bids.

The political formation of Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua, Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana and former UNCTAD Secretary General Mukhisa Kituyi, yesterday said they will provide an alternative choice to Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga in next year's presidential elections.

Yesterday, they met a section of Kirinyaga leaders where they reiterated their push to crisscross the country enlightening the electorate on why they are the best political formation to produce the President.

They said efforts to launch a spirited campaign were halted by the Ministry of Health restrictions over the Covid-19 pandemic but promised to overshadow Ruto and Raila campaigns now.

"We have started meeting our people for alternative choices around the country and we believe we are the best team to revive the economy and revert it to its growth," Kituyi said.

He disclosed that they will form a major coalition with like minded partners who share same ethical standards and incorruptible character and commitments of inclusivity," he said.

Other than Karua who is seeking to challenge Governor Ann Waiguru in Kirinyaga County, Kivutha and Kituyi will launch their presidential bids in a strategy that will then crystalise in selecting one popular presidential aspirant.

"When you are building confidence, you start from your mothers arms, you then go out to the village and the world. We are building a course before we settle on who will be the presidential aspirant who will be electable, credible and has personal integrity," Kituyi added.

He said he is developing his political party and seeking credibility from his community. Karua cautioned the electorate in deciding who they would vote as the President and urged them to look at the checklist and the past life of all aspirants.

"It is too early for us to decide who we shall vote, let us evaluate them and have a checklist on the past before making up our minds," she said.

Karua maintained that they are against calls to fold political parties to join one party saying such a move would be detrimental for Mt Kenya region.

Karua who is also Mt Kenya political parties forum spokesperson, said the future of the governance of the country will be coalitions.

Kibwana said the group comprises a clean team who worked excellently during former President Mwai Kibaki's administration and are able to steer the country forward.

"The three of us can knock on any international door and it shall be opened, our track record is proven and tested. We are against corruption and the electorate must know that if they continue voting for corrupt leaders, the country will keep mark timing," Kibwana said.

They said they will preach against politics of waves and emotions and offer candid policy framework interventions that will revive the economy.

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