You should ask for forgiveness from hustler nation, Ruto tells Uhuru, Raila

ODM leader greets President Uhuru Kenyatta as Deputy President looks on.

Deputy President William Ruto says President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partner Raila Odinga should ask for forgives over the beleaguered BBI.

Addressing UDA politicians from Nakuru at his Karen residence and without naming names, Ruto said Uhuru and Raila as the champions of the initiative which was declared "unconstitutional, illegal, null and void'' should act like gentlemen and ask for forgiveness.

 Ruto said the BBI was to blame for the current situation in Kenya.

According to Ruto, BBI replaced the Big4 plan that was aimed at uplifting the living standards of many ordinary Kenyans.

Ruto said reggae and BBI was an accident that "met us" on the way but we cannot afford to miss out on the vision that we had due to baseless politics.

"For those who forced us into supporting BBI rather than focusing on real issues, if you are gentlemen enough you should have asked for forgiveness because we have wasted four years chasing hot air on reggae and BBI," Ruto said.

"All this time if we were focused we would have employed over 1.5 youths under affordable housing and the Universal Health Coverage program would be on another level," Ruto added.

The DP said the fate meted on BBI can be attributed to chest-thumping, intimidation, threats and pride by its promoters.

Ruto said it is for this reason that over 150 MPs sat and agreed to formulate UDA which will further Jubilees' aspirations.

He said a plan to expand the current executive with additional positions would further burden already overburdened Kenyans.

This is why we are determined to build UDA party to surpass Jubilee's targets. You cannot be planning to unite Kenyans based on ethnic political parties. Any serious politician in the modern society must work hard to invest in building a national political party," he said.

The DP said a time has come for those in the political class to go slow on chest-thumping, threats and intimidations and welcome other leaders from across the political divide for sober dialogue that will take the country forward.

Download the BBI Judgement by all seven Judges - Civil Appeal No. E291 of 2021