No Kenyan in danger in Egypt, minister assures

The Government has assured "no Kenyan life is in danger" in the turmoil that has engulfed Egypt.

Foreign Affairs Assistant Minister Richard Onyonka said the Government was ready to evacuate all Kenyans should the situation deteriorate, adding dependants of staff at the Cairo embassy had been flown back home.

He said Kenya Airways CEO Titus Naikuni had pledged assistance, adding the airline had entered into a deal to fly evacuatees in European flights in case it did not have an available flight to Nairobi.

The minister explained there are about 200 Kenyans in Cairo, with about 100 students living in hostels in the crisis-torn capital, and an additional 228 in Alexandria.

He, however, astonished the House with the remark the Government had been slow to act because Kenya’s relationship with Egypt was rooted in stability. Nominated MP George Nyamweya criticised the Government for only "living in hope".

MPs noted the popular anger driving the revolution was in response to poverty and unemployment, concerns that were alive in the country.