Politics of Ugali | The Random Things Podcast Ep#3

General Podcasts | 2 weeks ago

In the wake of President Uhuru's move to subsidize the price of maize flour, Kenyans are probably rushing to clear the shelves and stock their kitchens. But one cannot fail to notice the political undertones behind the seemingly benevolent move. With only a few days to the general elections, the question on the minds of Kenyans must be, for how long? In this episode of the Random Things Podcast, Henry Githaiga engages the eloquent Hellen Miseda on the 'Ugalinomics. How does one cope with the current high cost of living? Is it time Kenyans finally switch to milling maize instead of buying processed flour? Should we expect another subsidy from the president before the polls? Join us on this episode of The Random Things Podcast.