Stop the Laikipia killings

Herders with their cattle at one of the ranches in Laikipia County on March 10, 2017. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

Two Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers were killed in Laikipia yesterday. The shooting came hours after other bandits killed two General Service Unit officers at Ngerecha, Laikipia West Sub-county.

When the hunters become the hunted, we must start asking the hard questions. Who are these individuals brave enough to attack police and army officers in broad daylight? Where do illiterate bandits get police operations intelligence and superior arms to those used by the police?

The Laikipia problem might run deeper than the government is willing to admit. Ideally, security officers are supposed be on top of the situation, but as things stand, they are on the receiving end. Tables must be turned on the bandits. Instigators of the violence should be apprehended and charged.