Is state's withdrawal of passports intimidation of opposition leaders?

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The withdrawal of passports targeting NASA leaders is a cowardly act on the side of the Government.

We have seen more cowardly acts such as arbitrary arrests and switching off of TV stations, thus denying both the media and citizens an essential freedom crucial in any democracy and they (government) seem to sink even lower.

Moves such as withdrawing the security of Opposition leaders and revoking gun licences dignify the adage that when a king has to shout that he is king, then he is no king.

More than 50 leaders and hundreds of thousands of supporters attended the ceremony and that is a clear indication that half the country has not moved on.

 It is like beating a sick child to show how authoritative you are as the parent when the child clearly needs medicine.

If the Government feels aggrieved by last Tuesday’s fete, there are proper channels within the law to follow instead of intimidation.

Besides, Jubilee seems to be speaking from both sides of the mouth because one minute the DP says they are not bothered by 'theatrics' and the next minute they are invading private homes to make arrests.

These acts of cowardice only strengthen the resolve of Opposition leaders and the coalitions’ supporters in questioning the legitimacy of the sitting regime. What the country needs is healing and dialogue.

History will not forgive leaders who tie Kenya with shackles of dictatorship, running the country as if it belongs to them. We cannot vaunt the new Constitution when court orders are not respected. The Judiciary must assert its independence.