Family in shock after woman, 25, is beheaded in Ndhiwa

Christine Auma was killed on Wednesday night. [iStockphoto]

A 25-year-old woman has been beheaded by a suspected gang under unclear circumstances.

The woman identified as Christine Auma was killed at Kamwala Village, Boya Sub-location in Ndhiwa Sub-county on Wednesday night.

This happened while Auma, a mother of one was in the Kitchen preparing supper for her husband and relatives who were in a separate building.

According to Boya Sub-location Assistant Chief Milton Kawino, Auma’s husband heard a loud bang on the kitchen door and rushed there to find out what was happening.

On arrival, he found his wife’s body lying in a pool of blood on the floor. Her missing head was later discovered in a room in the kitchen.

“The husband found the head lying separately from the body in the kitchen. It seems she was beheaded with a panga,” Kawino said.

“The husband went to the kitchen but found that the assailants had fled. They killed the woman and disappeared without being seen by anybody,” Kawino said.

He said the man raised an alarm attracting villagers. “I also visited the scene. We tried to ask residents if they could have any information but nobody saw the attackers,” the administrator added.

Ndhiwa Sub-county Police Commander Paul Rioba said they are looking for the assailants.  He said have not established the motive of the attack.

“The assailants were not seen and the motive of the attack has not been established. We are investigating the matter,” Rioba said.

The body was moved to Manyatta Kobodo mortuary.